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NatWest Buy to Let Mortgages

NatWest offer various buy to let mortgages to help prospective landlords buy their first rental property or allow current landlords to refinance or expand their portfolio.

Types of Buy to Let mortgage

NatWest’s buy to let finance offers several different options to borrowers allowing them to control how much they repay each month. This can make a big difference to how much of a return you earn on your investment.

Interest only buy to let mortgages mean you only pay the interest due each month. This minimises your monthly repayments but means you have to pay off the capital when the mortgage ends.

Capital and interest mortgages allow you to pay off some of the capital each month as well as the interest. This means you can pay off all or some of the capital over the lifetime of the loan.

Fixed rate buy to let mortgages mean you pay a set rate of interest for an introductory period (often 2-5 years). After this your interest will move to a standard variable rate. This can allow you to see more of a return or pay off more of the capital at the start of your mortgage.

Tracker mortgages set your interest rates at a fixed interval above the Bank of England Base Rate (or an equivalent). That way your interest rate will stay broadly in line with inflation over time.

Lending criteria for NatWest Buy to Let mortgages

NatWest have several standard requirements for people looking to take out a buy to let mortgage with them.

  • You must be a UK resident
  • You must be aged 18-70
  • You need a deposit of at least 25% (or 35% for new builds)
  • You must borrow at least £25,000 over a minimum of 3 years
  • You cannot already own more than 9 buy to let properties
  • Your maximum borrowing cannot exceed £3.5million
  • The property you wish to buy must be worth at least £50,000 and be currently habitable

Other lenders have their own criteria, so even if you do not qualify for a NatWest buy to let mortgage, you may be able to access the finance you need elsewhere. A professional mortgage advisor will be able to help you identify which lenders are most likely to lend to you.

Interest rates on NatWest Buy to Let mortgages

Most lenders will want your monthly rental income from a buy to let property to exceed the interest payments on the mortgage. This means you must check how much you are likely to be able to charge before looking at mortgage deals and seeing how much you will be able to afford to borrow.

Mortgage providers will also look at the LTV or loan to value ratio on your mortgage deal when working out what interest rate to offer you. LTV is the percentage of your property’s market value you wish you take out as a loan, so a £70,000 mortgage on a £100,000 property would equal 70% LTV. In general lenders will offer better interest rates on mortgages with a lower LTV.

How do I get a NatWest Buy to Let Mortgage?

Call NatWest FREE on 0800 096 7889


Ask for a callback at a time that suits you

Compare Buy to Let mortgage rates

Getting the best possible rate on your buy to let mortgage can help ensure a better return on your investment. Our free mortgage calculator lets you see leading deals from top lenders across the industry and compare them to your borrowing needs so you can find the best value for you.

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